Tuesday, 14 October 2014

"The Mad Tag Lady"

Gracious goody. My first tag. I am decidedly wet with foresight. In the wake of being dealt with like a licentious lice-plagued pariah for the whole of my hostile to social youth, I am currently beating 'em off with a retractable twirly doo. 

Don't take a gander at me in that manner of speaking, dammit. 

Props to Pippa and Witchy-charm. :-) 

The Bible. From this most sacred of writings, I discovered that ladies were second rate compared to men, that homosexuality was a plague and that rationally impaired individuals were controlled by evil presences. At that point I developed up.* 

One book you have perused more than once? 

The Female Eunuch; first of Germ's fighting. This was an alternate life-changer. I was a premenarche fourteen-year-old, clandestinely perusing a duplicate in my Religious Ed class when I should've been occupied with scriptural study. I was leafing through it, considering, "alright, ladies' bodies have been appropriated by men, I can burrow that, The Family hasn't been particularly kind to ladies, beyond any doubt, Taste your menstrual—Holy Fucking Hair Oil!" I committed the error of shouting something to that impact so everyone can hear. What's more the motherly old sheila showing that class cracked down on my cursing arse like a sack of stale fellowship wafers. 

At any rate, individuals can sack out Doctor G. all they like, yet in the event that it weren't for her artful culmination inspiring the young people of the world to get back to horse crap on deceptive misogyny then, we wouldn't have the rights we underestimate now, and I wouldn't be the professional lady, tree-embracing, strange content, child scorning carpet muncher I am today. 

One book you would need on a desert island? 

The most effective method to Survive When You're Marooned On A Desert Island, by Manne Overboard. 

One book that made you giggle? 

Poop. There's far beyond any reasonable amount to rundown. Alright Fear Of Flying, that 70's paean to Female Sexual Liberation by Erica Jong (horny courageous woman, humorous sexual moments, and a witty turn of expression that puts contemporary chick lit to disgrace), The Mozart Maulers by Dorian Mode ("Don't piss off your therapist. Affront his assistant and you're a sexist. Incidentally venture on his toe and you're a dormant sociopath with a foot interest. Scratch his auto and you're a curbed gay person with motoring issues"), Encyclopedia Neurotica by Jon Winokur ("Reality TV addicts may be experiencing telephilia, a term used to portray the neurotic yearning of Americans, regardless of how talentless, to be on TV") and Get Your Tongue Out Of My Mouth—I'm Kissing You Goodbye! By Cynthia Heimel (the title says everything). 

Growing up, I was once inclined toward the unreasonable potty silliness of writers like Paul Jennings, Morris Gleitzman and Roald Dahl, and I've kept all their books (I decline to dole them out. What would I be able to say—I'm an enormous child on a fundamental level!) 

One book that made you shout? 

Monstrous by Joyce Carol Oates, Lover by Joyce Carol Oates, Faithless by Joyce Carol Oates, I'll Take You There by Joyce Carol Oates, Tusk by… fuck it, everything by Joyce Carol Oates makes me shout! 

The genuine book Blood On The Wattle, by Bruce Elder, which diagrams the social and political battles of Indigenous Australians since white settlement, additionally made me shed a tear or two when I read it a few years back. 

One book you wish had been composed? 

I did think of it, it was called Mad Sheilas, and I attempted to have it distributed at the start of this current year. It was a gathering of what (I trusted) were humourous articles on the spot of ladies (or absence of spot, rather) in advanced Australia. I started deal with it in 2003, and sent it off to the distributers in January of 2006. I got a dismissal letter after two months… thus the reason the vast majority of my prior website passages are indeed papers. 

Bummer, eh? 

One book you wish had never had been composed? 

Mein Kampf. Malevolent, detestable, malicious. 

One book you are as of now perusing? 

As of now perusing a few. I never read one book at once. The books I'm perusing right now incorporate The Furies by Suzy Mckee Charnas, Valley of The Dolls by Jacqueline Sussan, and, on the grounds that I have women's activist hypothesis/purposeful anecdotes comin' out of my freakin' ears (excessively of a decent thing), The New Machiavelli by H.g. Wells. 

One book you have been intending to peruse? 

The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer. Yes, I know—a stunning wrongdoing against the group! 

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One book you wish YOU had composed 

Instructions to Win Friends And Influence People—that Dale Carnegie fucker got rich from spilling a pack of feelgood prosaisms into a solitary educational tome. She-yit, wish I'd considered it. 

Books you read however wouldn't need your family to realize that you read 

Not books, however a class. (*blushes*) Slash fiction. 

That being said, that is all that could possibly be needed gum-flappin' from me. Onto you all! I tag: 

Jen, Maia, Erika, Michelle, and Sazz (I would've likewise labeled the Mean Feminists, Edith and Vicky, yet V got there before me. Bugger!) 

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