Wednesday, 12 July 2006

"Well, That's A Nice-Looking Blog You've Got There, Young Lady!"

Thanks. :-) But don't call me a lady.

The snazzier blog you're currently viewing was borne of a boredom so extreme, it made Question Time look like Disneyworld . Unfunny analogies aside, hope you like it. Don't know about you, but that puke-green template was making me feel nauseous. This one is much cooler (and strangely oriental-looking). I'll continue to tweak it and add more aesthetically-appealing stuff over time.

Genius that I am, I forgot to save the links. So I had to re-do them all over. So fun! And such a productive use of time, too! That's 2 hours I could've spent watching Married With Children re-runs, or someting equally life-enhancing.

An-ee-way: More non-blog-design-related, patriarchy-blamin' crap to follow. Stay tuned!

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